Wright’s Farm Homemade Chocolate Fudge


Wright’s homemade fudge is one of their most popular gift items. People travel from all over New England to purchase their fresh & creamy fudge. Now you can buy this best seller online from the convenience of your home. All fudge prices item include Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping. The more you buy (up to 4 containers), the more you save!

Container of 1/2 lb. of Wright’s Chocolate Fudge.


About Wright’s Farm

Over generations, Wright’s Farm Restaurant has become an integral part of Rhode Island. The restaurant was opened in the 1950’s by Gene Wright and was later purchased by the Galleshaw family in the 1970’s. The restaurant is famous for their budget-friendly family-style chicken dinners. Many of Wright’s fine food products are also distributed to the public, such as their Italian Dressing, Pasta Sauce and of course, their creamy and delicious fudge.